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Everyday companies and organisations around the world require translation services to connect to their customers. It’s a service where you need complete reliability and trust with the translator to ensure each project, business meeting and deal goes through professionally.

Our quality control measures ensure the highest level of service, coupled with excellent value; all tailored directly to your needs, and at competitive rates.

Whether you have a small translation project, or something larger, you can send us an email via our contact form, or give our team a call, and get your personalised free no obligation quote.



At Translation World we have a team of professional translators and interpreter services; all fully qualified and accredited, covering over 100 languages, across a range of subjects, including legal translation, technical translation, medical translation and commercial sector translation sectors.

We ensure that every professional translator is rigorously checked before working for us, ensuring we uphold our high-quality standards. It’s these standards which is one of the reasons why we have been supporting companies and public service organisations with their translation service requirements for over 15 years.



We can supply fully qualified interpreters and certified translators for courts, business conferences, immigration, asylum, police stations, hospitals, and many more situations where you may require translation services.



As a translation agency, we have a range of transcription services for our customers to choose from.

Our certified translation services and foreign language transcription service includes taking your audio file in your source language, and transcribing it into words onto a single document in the source language. There is no English used in this process.

With our direct translation service, we take your foreign language audio file, transcribe and translate it into a single document written in English.

Finally, our document translation services which includes transcription and translation service, allows us to take your audio file in a foreign language, and transcribe it into the original source language. Afterwards, the written transcription is

translated into English. You receive two documents in total; one of each language. Timecodes can also be provided if requested.



These are the current range of languages we provide for our clients. If there is a language not listed please contact a member of our team who will be able to help.


Benefits of using Translation World

When searching for a quality translation services company, you want to ensure you can rely on that company to provide you with the highest quality service you can trust, to ensure professionalism and minimal disruption to the process.

Zara and the team at Translation World have been building relationships with companies through the range of translation services they provide for 15 years, and can help you with all your translation requirements.

Our quality control measures ensure the best quality at competitively affordable rates, whilst maintaining the personal service every company aims to provide. Our highly experienced projects managers can provide you with a fast-bespoke quote, and fast turnaround service.

Give us a call or send an email to see how we can help you and your business.


Translation Rates

We want to ensure our translation services are always competitive. That is why we constantly review and revise our rates to ensure you are getting the best value.

Our translation services and interpreter services rates are dependent on the specific subject matter, technicality and required timescales.

Please contact one of our project managers who will be able to advise you and provide you with a fast, free tailored quote, allowing your business or project to flourish.  Universal Currency Converter ®
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